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About us

A Dot Realty is not only property agents, but selling and managing properties with industry-leading technology in multi-languages. 


A management platform and people should be the natural extension to the your personal asset or investment, this is an art, with taste, style. not so called ‘professional’. The Professional is far not enough. This should be a mission, a qualitytrustworthy, comfortable relationship in the service with the passion in our deep heart. 


We want to provide something that really matters to our vendor and landlords. We had to go thought an enormous amount of change. We had to change our entire technology stack, the way we have been doing business for a few decades, our business model to meet their needs.  


The change that we are proud of, Adot is born, as an end to end platform for the best experience  Chinese landlords and vendors, to provide the service that they are expecting or they never experienced before. 


We are always being a company to leverage what we can from human ingenuity and technology to obsess about some aspect of clients’ lives that we want to improve exponentially. A little change is just the beginning, one unchanged thing for Adot is to keep changing constantly.